Diesen traurigen Hilferuf haben wir kürzlich gelesen:

"Hello! I am a polite boy and was in a nice home I loved my mom so much and I have never did something wrong. One day I found some of my hair falling, so my mom took me to the vet and he said that I have ring worms. I do not know why I had to stay in a cage with this vet for some days. Then MOM came and took me, but we did not go home we went to a big cold green area which was not home and later I knew that this is Sporting Sports club. My mom left me there and I have not seen her since that day. I was cold, hungry and thirsty sometime kids came and threw me some food to eat, but most of the time kids used to kick me or torture me as if I was a toy. I saw my friends dying there because they ate this bad thing called POISON, as people there likes to get rid of us. One day I became so sick I could not eat or move, but thanks god this came in handy a kind lady spotted me and took me in a box, and I felt warmth and she gave me food. I had to go to this cage again in this clinic, but this time I was really sick and had respiratory problems. I have never did something bad: I am litter trained and polite, but I have suffered a lot. All I need is a warm loving home and I promise I will be a good pet as I used to be. I do not like this cage in the clinic and the lady that rescued me can not take me home  Please adopt me I am tired of cages and can not live in the street."

Wir konnten uns einfach nicht erwehren und erlagen der Traurigkeit in den Augen und im Ausdruck des süßen Katers. 

ESMA rettete das Katerle, nahm ihn auf und peppelt ihn derzeit noch. (nähere Infos zu "ESMA" siehe Seite "animal welfare egypt" in diesem Blog).

Nun warten wir 3 - 4 Monate auf die Freigabe zur Überführung nach Deutschland. Der Kater muss geimpft, gechipt und kastriert werden. Einige Blutuntersuchungen folgen dann auch noch. Und wenn dann alles gut und die Bürokratie erledigt ist, kann er seine Reise antreten.

Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf ihn!